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A Day at Pearl Harbor

There may be no one place more central to the American story of World War II than the naval base at Pearl Harbor.  The name alone means something to almost every American, it has to be spoken with a certain … Continue reading

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Yet Another (!) Day at the Museum of the United States Air Force

No doubt this is one of my favorite places on Earth!  So when the newly restored Memphis Belle was rolled out for display I made another journey to Dayton. I don’t know all the behind scenes politicking, but apparently when the City … Continue reading

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A Day at Fort Mackinac

Another of my slightly off topic posts. But as I’ve said since way back, I love military history in general, so this seem’s good to me! These days Mackinac Island is best known as tourist destination.  Grand Hotel, fudge and … Continue reading

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A Day at Patriot’s Point

I’m just back home after a week long vacation to Charleston, SC.  My wife would probably go on about the architecture, the awesome food or the perfect weather we had.  But we all know the real point is military history! … Continue reading

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Another Day at The Museum of the United States Air Force

I last visited the US Air Force Museum two years ago and wrote about it here.  This is a place I could enjoy quite often, so when they provided the excuse of opening a new building this summer I had … Continue reading

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Thunder Over Michigan – 2015

I just want to briefly mention the big Air Show event coming later this month.  On August 29 and 30 Thunder Over Michigan will be at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti Michigan. Major attractions will be The Blue Angles, an … Continue reading

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Brewster Buffalo, Part II

The Buffalo is one of those airplanes with a split personality.  Its performance and combat record against the Japanese is almost universally bad.  Yet a small number of planes, against the massive VVS (Soviet Air Force) had as completely opposite … Continue reading

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