Great Britain

Albion AM463
RAF Fuel Truck, 1940

Austin Tilly 10 HP

Bedford MW
MWD, BEF, France, 1940

British Universal Carrier
6th Armoured Division, Tunisia, 1943

Churchill Tank
Churchill Mk VII Crocodile, France, 1944

Cromwell Tank
Cromwell Mk IV, 7th Armored Division, France, 1944

Crusader Tank
Crusader Mk III, Tunisia, 1943
Crusader Anti-Aircraft Mk III, France, 6/1944

Daimler Dingo
— Dingo Mk II

Humber Armoured Car
— Humber Mk IV, 1st Polish Armoured Division, 1944

Matilda Tank
Mk III, North Africa, 1941

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