United States

Ford 1942 Sedan
Staff Car

General Motors 2.5 ton truck
Red Ball Express, France, 1944
Fuel Truck, France, 1944

M2 High Speed Tractor
M2 Cletrac

M4 Sherman
M4, France, 1944
Sherman Mk IC Firefly, France, 1944
M4A1, Italy, 1944
M4A3E8, Bastogne, 1/1945

M8 Greyhound
M8, 82nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Armored Division

M10 Gun Motor Carriage (Tank Destroyer)
M10, Normandy, 1944

M26 Pershing
T26E3, “Fireball”, Germany, 1945

Willys Jeep
“Follow Me”, England, 1944
101st Airborne, France, 1944

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