Crusader Anti-Aircraft Mk III

Improving protection from air attack for armored formations proved to be a major concern for every combatant during World War II.


Let’s look at a British response to that concern. Continue reading

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North American P-51D Mustang

The Mustang has already been discussed at some length here, and will continue to be so. Because seriously, I have a lot of still unbuilt Mustang kits in my stash.


This time, we’ll take a look at a model inspired by a photo. Continue reading

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Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

In in the later years of World War II the Wehrmacht found they could no longer count on air superiority on any battlefield.


So a weapon was needed that could provide effective ground based fire, to keep those pesky jabos away…

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North American B-25B Mitchell

One of the better known special missions of World War II was flown by a new bomber type making its combat debut.*


Let’s take a look at the mission and plane. Continue reading

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M4A3E8 Sherman

Easy Eight

I’ve visited the Sherman tank here before.  With nearly 50000 built it is the second most produced tank history behind only the Soviet T-34.


But previously we discussed the early production M4, this time we’ll look at the most fully evolved form of the design. Continue reading

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Nakajima Ki-43-II “Oscar”

The Japanese Army’s newest fighter at the start of the Pacific War, the Ki-43 remained in service to the end of the war.  Long past it’s obsolescence.


Let’s look at a late war Oscar. Continue reading

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Ryan NYP

Spirit of St Louis

This is obviously from a little earlier time than most of what I post here.  It is also, just as obviously, “iconic” in the truest sense of the word.


Let’s look at a pioneering aircraft. Continue reading

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