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Dornier Do 335A-12 Anteater

The end of the War led to a lot of exciting acquisitions and a lot of flight tests. Let’s look at a pretty outrageous German plane with an unlikely user.

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Grumman F3F-2

The US Navy pushed through a last generation of “modern” biplane fighters when most other air arms were switching to monoplanes. Let’s take a look at the ultimate expression of a passing era.

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Polikarpov U-2

Looking like a relic from the previous War, this trainer found widespread use in the Soviet air force from before to after World War II. Let’s look at a type that seemed lost in time yet provided valuable service.

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Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Kaydet

Among the important, War winning hardware we rarely consider are the all important trainers. So let’s take a look at a well known Primary Trainer.

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North American SNJ-4 Texan

One of the best known and prolific military trainers in history is the North American Texan. After the jump, a brief look at a US Navy version.

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