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One characteristic of World War Two on the Eastern front was a rapid escalation in the size of armored fighting vehicles. Let’s take a look at one beast that helped start that race.

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Ilyusin Il-2m3 Sturmovik

One of the ubiquitous aircraft types of World War II, the Il-2 Sturmovik was used in mass formations over the eastern front to wreak havoc on German armor. Let’s take a brief look at this key close support type.

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Polikarpov I-16 Type 17

The I-16 had been mostly successful in the Spanish Civil War. But among its noted deficiencies was heavy firepower for close support work. Join me for a brief look at an I-16 type designed for ground pounding.

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GAZ Ba-64b Armored Car

This light armored car saw service from 1942 to the end of WWII. After the jump, a brief look.

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Lavochkin La-7

One of the very best Soviet fighters of the war, the La-7 was the last and best of a series of wartime designs from Lavochkin. After the jump, a look at one of the War’s great fighters.

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IS-2 Joseph Stalin Tank

The Eastern Front of World War II saw a constant spiral of increasing tank sizes, gun sizes and armor thickness.  The largest allied tank to actually see widespread service during the war years, the IS-2 was built to be a Tiger … Continue reading

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Polikarpov I-16 Type 10

Japan and China went to war in 1937.  Sometimes known as the Second Sino-Japanese War, this blurred into War War II in 1939, and even more so in 1941.  It didn’t end until the atomic bombing of 1945. After the … Continue reading

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