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Panzer 38(t)

This prolific early war tank was a key part of the Wehrmacht’s Panzer divisions even though it was never made in Germany.  It’s derivatives would remain in production past the war’s end. Join me for a look at an important … Continue reading

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M10 Tank Destroyer

This mass produced tank destroyer was officially known as the “3-inch Gun Motor Carriage (GMC) M10”.  It is similar in size and shape to the better known M4 Sherman Tank, in part because it was built from the same basic … Continue reading

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Sd.Kfz 232 8-rad

Most combatants used armored cars derived from light duty trucks to serve as reconnaissance vehicles for fast moving armored divisions. But the German approach was unique, join me for a look at a Heavy Armored Car.

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Marder III Tank Destroyer

This ungainly looking vehicle was improvised to add serious anti-tank capabilities to mobile formations. Join me for a brief look at this German Tank Destroyer.

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Crusader Mk III Tank

From 1941 through early 1943 epic tank battles raged across North Africa. Join me for a brief look at a British tank from late in that campaign.

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GAZ Ba-64b Armored Car

This light armored car saw service from 1942 to the end of WWII. After the jump, a brief look.

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Panzer II Ausf B

Blitzkreig was a new and shocking type of warfare practiced by the Germans at the start of World War Two. This light tank was the most numerous of the German made vehicles serving in the Wermacht at that time.  Yet … Continue reading

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