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Dewoitine D.520

Easily the best of the French built fighters at the start of the War, with that country’s rapid collapse in Summer 1940 the D.520 fell into enemy hands in large numbers. Let’s take a look at one that flew with … Continue reading

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Messershmitt Bf 109E-3

Somewhere in Ohio, 1942. Actually that’s Wright Field near Dayton.Let’s take a look at a well travelled Messerschmitt.

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Yakovlev Yak-9D

This most numerous and important Soviet fighter of the War is perhaps the best known Soviet fighter as well. Let’s take a look at an important fighter from a unit that really emphasized the World at War.

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Dewoitine D.520

Among the less well known, and more outrageously marked air forces of World War II was that of Vichy France. After the jump, I’ll take a brief look the role played by this combatant.

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Dewoitine D.520

A nice looking little fighter, that could have been among the world’s best and most important types summer of 1940. But it was just too late.  After the jump, one of the near great stories of World War II.

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Citroen Traction 11CV

The 1930s not only were a time of rapid development for aircraft, but automotive technology also progressed. After the jump, a look at a wartime automotive classic.

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