Theme Build 1

Light Aircraft (Liaison/Support/Training)

Today I started work on my first “themed build”. It will have very little impact on how this site works, it just means I’ll have a number of related completions.

I’ve mentioned before a method to my madness if you pay attention to the “On My Workbench” header on the right side of this page. It is always three subjects I’m currently working on. Those subjects consist of a simple aircraft (mostly single engine fighters), a complex aircraft (most other aircraft), and a “miscellaneous”. Those miscellaneous have mostly been vehicles, and vehicles will still show up there on occasion; but it will also be my themed builds.
This first build will be four aircraft; Messerschmitt Bf 108, Beechcraft UC-43, Polikarpov U-2 and PT-17 Kaydet. Just as I titled this, all light aircraft. I expect when this theme is complete I will have a concluding post to show the four I’ve built in addition to the normal subject post each model will get as its completed.

After the theme is done I expect to build a couple vehicles (which some readers have correctly observed are often loosely themed too, I love sorting and organizing things!) before I start the next theme.

Planned themes for the future are hypotheticals, float planes, and proto-types. Each theme will be four(ish) subjects (I do need to move on before I get bored!), and may be repeated later if I have more such subjects I want to do.
I’m also thinking about doing type themes like Mustangs, Spitfires, Thunderbolts; or perhaps grouping some by group, ship, base, etc.
As I mentioned several months back, I don’t have enough vehicles for that to always be my third subject. So I hope this idea will provide some extra interest to what’s coming next!

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8

One of the more important German types in service to the last day of the War.

Let’s take a look at a close support version of the famous fighter.

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Scale Matters, Part III

Big and Small

Let’s call this, a grown man playing with his toys on a Saturday afternoon.

The largest and smallest kits I’ve built. Maybe not 100% true, I have bought just single figures in 1/48. But this is the most extreme scope of hardware I’ve done.
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Dornier Do 17Z-2

One of the main bomber types in service with the Luftwaffe at the start of World War II, the Do 17 was a key part of those early operations.

Let’s take a look at a familiar and important type.

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A Day At Fort Holmes

Call this a follow up to my previous “A Day At Fort Mackinac” three years later…

The first clear view of Fort Holmes as you clear the steps up the hillside. I think the “No Climbing” sign is the first line of defense to stop intruders.
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Bell P-39L Airacobra

The P-39 tends not to get a lot of attention in histories of the Second World War.

But I think I’ve found the least documented unit with a long combat history! Let’s take a look.

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Cars and Planes

Yankee Air Museum, at Willow Run Airport, had a fun cars and planes event today, presumably to make up for this year’s cancelled air show.

I had some fears when I signed up, like I might feel silly with the only muscle car at a classic car event. But no, this is still the Motor City area, lots of all sorts. From a 1930 Chevy to a 1950 Studabaker, to a 2016 Morgan and all varieties in between. Including an assortment of Mustangs, Corvettes, MGs, Cobras and more modern muscle. Mine was the only Challenger I saw, but not the only 392 Hemi.

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Cromwell Mk IV (A27M)

An excellent British tank of the later War years, the Cromwell is perhaps less well known than much hardware of the Western Europe Campaign.

Let’s take a look at a very useful design.

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Polikarpov I-153

At the start of World War II the Soviet Union had a vast combat air force that was not quite modern.

Let’s take a look at one of the most prevalent types.

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Grumman TBF-1 Avenger

The US Navy’s upset victory at Midway is well known, a hard won American triumph.


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