Republic P-47M Thunderbolt

475 mph.  That is highest maximum level speed recorded by any American combat aircraft in World War II.


Obviously a Mustang, right?  Or maybe a Bearcat if we stretch the definition of World War II combat types? Continue reading

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Some AFVs look like something right out of Looney Toons, perhaps none more so than the German Sturmtiger.


Let’s take a look at an armored monster. Continue reading

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Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty

Perhaps the best known Japanese bomber of World War II, the Betty was a modern and dangerous weapon in use from the very start of the Pacific War.


Let’s take a look at an early Betty, from a very famous mission. Continue reading

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T26E3 (M26) Pershing

The biggest and most capable American tank of World War II was almost too late for action.


Let’s look at one that did see use at the tail end of things. Continue reading

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Morning Star, Midnight Sun by Jeffrey Cox

I haven’t done any book reviews for a while.  Since retirement I’ve been going full blast on building models even to the extent I’m reading less.  Well, a little less. And I suppose that means I’ve been writing here as much as I want.

But this book has really caught my attention so I thought I’d share. Continue reading

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Go figure

Apparently my wife likes this picture?

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PZL P.24F (G)

When Greece was drawn into World War II by Italy’s attack in October of 1940 they put up an unexpectedly stout resistance.


Let’s look at one of the aerial defenders. Continue reading

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Something has to be the smallest model in my collection.  As of today, there’s no doubt what it is.


Let’s take a look at motorbike in the German Army. Continue reading

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Douglass SBD-5 Dauntless

Even after retirement from fleet carriers the SBD continued to provide service to the end of the War.


Let’s take a look at an example in Marine service in the later phase of the type’s career. Continue reading

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Albion AM463

Its time once again for a look at the scintillating world of airport service vehicles.


Let’s take a look at an early-War fuel truck that served a critical need at a desperate time.

Continue reading

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