Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIb

A clear problem with early War British fighters was a lack of heavy firepower.

Let’s take a look at the first production model to overcome that shortfall.

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Lavochkin LaGG-3

When Nazi Germany launched their War against the Soviet Union in June, 1941, the Soviet Air Force had just started an aggressive modernization program.

Let’s take a look at one of those new types just getting into service.

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Thought for Today

I remember as a young teen, just getting interested in World War II and aircraft, the CAF B-17 “Texas Raiders” was the first warbird I ever saw. And the first I ever toured. Spent a lot of time one Saturday on board the plane talking with the crew. No doubt, all these years later it was another generation of personnel on the plane, but still CAF and still bringing the sights and sounds of another time to the air show crowds…

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North American P-51C Mustang

Another look at a combatant from the least known of the major theaters of operation.

Let’s take a look at a successful CBI pilot and aircraft.

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Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa

The first American ace of World War II scored his fifth kill before his homeland was even in the War.

Let’s take a look at a significant, if lesser known accomplishment.

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Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2

By Spring of 1942 the first mass produced variant of the Bf 109 “G” was entering combat service.

Let’s take a look at one from that year, and an important fighter pilot.

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Avro Lancaster B Mk I

The Lancaster is another of the great, iconic aircraft of World War II. Also the last of the major Allied “heavies” that I haven’t featured yet at this site.

Let’s take a look at this very important British bomber.

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Theme Build 5


It seems obvious to have a Theme Build of all one type of aircraft. And there’s a few types I have many examples of. I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I have so many Mustangs I hardly know what to do with them all. I have also have large numbers of Thunderbolts, and Warhawks, Bf 109s, Zeros, Spitfires and even Wildcats. So why did I chose Spitfire for my first type-based Theme Build?

Blame Eduard.

The Czech model company Eduard is currently putting out just exquisite quality kits. Beautiful detail and excellent fit. But more to the point, for some reason, they like issuing what they call “Dual Combos”. This puts two similar, if not identical kits in a single box. Often paired in an intriguing theme too. Combine this with the fact that until Eduard got to it, we really didn’t have a decent late-Merlin Spitfire in kit form (Mk VIII, IX or XVI). Or a Mk Vc. Or even a Mk II. It meant there was a gaping hole in my stash for certain marks of Spitfire until Eduard came to the “rescue”! Its really been easier for me to resist as they’ve recently released Mustangs, Zeros, Bf 109s… All of those previously existed as modern, nicely detailed kits. Okay, maybe one here or there if they did interesting markings and sub-variants (! But I could normally hold out for the single kit of those other types!).
But I seem to have acquired several interesting Dual Combo Spitfire boxings. You all may have noticed pairing up the same type doesn’t normally fit the way I work. But for a theme build it makes perfect sense.

So here we go, my first theme build featuring a single aircraft type. For the record, the four aircraft in this theme will be a Spitfire, a Spitfire, a Spitfire, then finish off with a Spitfire. Now if I can just choose which interesting “Dual Combos”! Its safe to say when you see the first Spitfire completed, the next one will be closely related. I would also add, the Eduard kits, even though they are single engine fighters, are a little more complicated than most other brands. So these will likely go longer than three weeks each. Although maybe by the fourth one I’ll be finding my rhythm…

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Panzer III Ausf.N

Panzer III is one of those weapons that went from state of the art, to obsolete over the course of the War.

Let’s take a look at the final form of this medium tank.

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Republic P-43A Lancer

Among the less known types of the USAAF in World War II. Let’s take a look at an aircraft that was important as a development, if not for actual combat.

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