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Darkest Hour

Or Dunkirk Part II I’m still resisting the idea movie reviews will ever be a regular feature of this site, but after watching this December’s Darkest Hour I did feel something needed to be said.  Especially since I commented on Dunkirk this last summer. This movie … Continue reading

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“Little Boy” and “Fat Man”

The two atomic bombs dropped on Japan to close World War Two have been steeped in controversy ever since. The bombs were the product of the “Manhattan Project” that started in 1942 under Major General Leslie Groves.  This was a … Continue reading

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A Brief Commentary by a History Nerd I’m sure most readers of this site are well aware of this summer’s rare treat, an epic summer blockbuster done as a serious take on a historic event.  I’ve been very excited to … Continue reading

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Memorial Day – 2017

For several years, my wife and I have attended the Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village on Memorial Day.  This is a well put together look at the Civil War era in this country featuring military actions, camps and music … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award!

So I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by my fellow blogger at Amateur Airplanes.  This is an unofficial recognition passed between bloggers to acknowledge favorite sites with small readership.  So it is an honor indeed to be recognized by … Continue reading

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Cessna OA-37B Dragonfly

This is a bit off topic! After the jump, I’ll share a look at an Air Force Attack type that dates from the 1960s.

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Fieseler Fi156C-5 Storch

Different from a more traditional warbird sort, the Fieseler Storch was a light aircraft used for communications, moving officers in the vicinity of the front, and a variety of miscellaneous missions where extreme short field performance was required. Join me … Continue reading

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