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Panzer II Ausf B

Blitzkreig was a new and shocking type of warfare practiced by the Germans at the start of World War Two. This light tank was the most numerous of the German made vehicles serving in the Wermacht at that time.  Yet … Continue reading

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IS-2 Joseph Stalin Tank

The Eastern Front of World War II saw a constant spiral of increasing tank sizes, gun sizes and armor thickness.  The largest allied tank to actually see widespread service during the war years, the IS-2 was built to be a Tiger … Continue reading

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Panzer V Panther Ausf G

Arguably the best Armored Fighting Vehicle of World War II, the Panther was a response to effective Soviet armor and would prove a serious challenge for any opponent. After the jump, a German medium tank.

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M8 Greyhound

This light armored car saw extensive use across Europe in World War II, mainly with reconnaissance and cavalry units. After the jump, a brief look at the M8 Greyhound.

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Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

The Germans were masters of retasking obsolete equipment.  The Hetzer is one excellent example of an outdated tank chassis finding new life as a tank destroyer.   After the jump, a late war tank hunter.

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Sturmgeschutz III Ausf B

The Germans had an amazing proliferation of armored vehicles during the course of the war.  Some of them, were actually built in large quantities. After the jump, a very common AFV.

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Universal Carrier

What was the most produced Armored Fighting Vehicle in history? If you said “T-34” or “Sherman” you’re wrong!  The answer is the British designed Universal Carrier; sometimes known as the “Bren Gun Carrier” for its most commonly mounted weapon.  After … Continue reading

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