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Mitsubishi A6M2 Model 21 Zero

Air Raid, Pearl Harbor! Obviously the most famous Japanese fighter of World War II. The US military was abruptly introduced to the type on December 7, 1941. Let’s take a look at a participant in that attack.

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Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty

Perhaps the best known Japanese bomber of World War II, the Betty was a modern and dangerous weapon in use from the very start of the Pacific War. Let’s take a look at an early Betty, from a very famous … Continue reading

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Nakajima Ki-43-II “Oscar”

The Japanese Army’s newest fighter at the start of the Pacific War, the Ki-43 remained in service to the end of the war.  Long past it’s obsolescence. Let’s look at a late war Oscar.

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Yokosuka MXY-7 Baka

This small, rocket-assisted glider was actually classified as “ordnance” by its operator and was really the world’s first production smart missile. Let’s take a look at something only one combatant would have even considered building.

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Kawanishi N1K2-J “George”

The Japanese aircraft industry produced some excellent high performance fighters towards the end of the war. The N1K was generally considered the very best among the naval types. Join me for a look at fighter that Allied pilots were thankful … Continue reading

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Komatsu G40

The Japanese were behind other major powers in the development of wartime construction equipment, but late in World War II this bulldozer was used in expanding airfields and roads in the shrunken Empire. Join me for a brief look at … Continue reading

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Aichi M6A

This sleek looking float-plane just missed combat in World War II and was part of a unique operation. After the jump, a look at a particularly intriguing “what if”.

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Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 32 Hamp

The least successful variant of the Zero, the Hamp also may have had one of the most confusing designations! After the jump, a look at the first major upgrade of Mitsubishi’s legendary fighter.

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Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo

Another atypical Japanese fighter, designed in direct response to how the Japanese saw international trends in aerial combat. After the jump, a Japanese interceptor.

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Mitsubishi J2M3 Jack

The Jack was a capable interceptor designed to bring down heavy bombers. Join me for a brief look at an atypical Japanese fighter.

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