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“Little Boy” and “Fat Man”

The two atomic bombs dropped on Japan to close World War Two have been steeped in controversy ever since. The bombs were the product of the “Manhattan Project” that started in 1942 under Major General Leslie Groves.  This was a … Continue reading

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Republic P-47D Thunderbolt

In the last year or so of World War II camouflage was not really a big concern for Allied forces any longer.  That, combined with more time and resources led to many young men going to extreme lengths with the … Continue reading

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Curtiss Hawk 81A-2

Flying Tigers In the first six months of war against Japan, allied successes were few and far between.  One of the bright spots was a small group of American mercenaries flying for a disgruntled, half deaf old fighter pilot on … Continue reading

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Vought SB2U-3 Vindicator

This dive bomber was one of the first generation monoplanes in Navy service and was thoroughly obsolete at the outbreak of World War II in the Pacific.  Yet a small number served in Marine squadrons until the Battle of Midway. … Continue reading

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M10 Tank Destroyer

This mass produced tank destroyer was officially known as the “3-inch Gun Motor Carriage (GMC) M10”.  It is similar in size and shape to the better known M4 Sherman Tank, in part because it was built from the same basic … Continue reading

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Grumman (General Motors) FM-1 Wildcat

The Wildcat will always be best known for its role in the epic carrier battles of 1942 against the Japanese.  But the type served in a number of other roles too. After the jump, let’s look at an Atlantic Wildcat.

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Lockheed P-38E Lightning

The P-38 Lightning was the best American Fighter in the early part of 1943.  With high speed and long range it could be very effective when used by pilots well familiar with its capabilities.  But its complexity and maintenance needs … Continue reading

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