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Programming Note

I am starting to run low on completed models, and the three a week schedule I’ve been posting is seriously cutting into my modeling time!  So I’ll be trying a two a week schedule for a while.  Expect posts on … Continue reading

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Address Update

Just a quick note of little consequence.  For anyone who has favorited or been typing in this site address, I did register “” today as this site’s new address.  So that will be the most efficient way to locate this … Continue reading

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Defining Categories

Just to prove how OCD I am, I’ve given some thought to how I’m arranging the categories for the “category search” feature available in the right hand column of every page.  This actually will get into a little bit of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Plane Dave

Welcome to my blog.  This started as I was thinking about keeping a photographic record of my model collection.  Originally, I was just thinking of a private document.  But the more I thought about it, making a public blog seemed … Continue reading

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