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Messerschmitt Me262A-1a

The Me262 was the only jet that approached wide spread service during World War II. After the jump, a brief look at this pioneering jet.

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Messerschmitt Bf109D-1

The most common images of Germany’s famous Messerschmitt fighter are of the well refined “E” or “G” models during World War II.  But earlier versions of the fighter saw combat too, and the decision to use the type fighting for … Continue reading

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Panzer II Ausf B

Blitzkreig was a new and shocking type of warfare practiced by the Germans at the start of World War Two. This light tank was the most numerous of the German made vehicles serving in the Wermacht at that time.  Yet … Continue reading

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Heinkel He162A-2 Salamander

The German aviation industry was very advanced.  But they were also desperate.  So late in World War Two they pushed a number of desperation projects aggressively. After the jump, I’ll take a quick look at an attempt at something revolutionary… … Continue reading

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Messerschmitt Me410B-1

The final expression of the heavy fighter concept, the Me410 both proved the strength of the concept and demonstrated its ultimate weakness. After the jump a look a plane that was both deadly and vulnerable.

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Henschel Hs129B-2

As the war in the East unfolded, the Luftwaffe found the need for more specialized, and more capable ground attack aircraft.  Especially as the Stuka was proving more vulnerable to Soviet fighters. After the jump, a look at a mid-war … Continue reading

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Focke-Wulf Fw190D

A very effective development in the Fw190 family, commonly known as the “long nose” version for its redesigned cowling, the Fw190D entered service in 1944 and served to the end of the war. Join me for a look at this … Continue reading

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